Urusei Yatsura - Opening 1 - Blu-Ray - Re-mastered [HD] [CC]

2018-06-18 08:26
SUPPORT US! https://www.facebook.com/Urusei.YatsuraJP Urusei Yatsura - Opening 1 - Lum's Love Song - Blu-Ray Taken from Blu-Ray and digitally re-mastered. Captions / Subtitles available at: Japanese English Turkish I DO NOT OWN URUSEI YATSURA. All rights going to respectful owners of URUSEI YATSURA. URUSEI YATSURA, うる星やつら CREATED BY "Rumiko Takahashi" and Animated by "Studio Pierrot" and "Studio Deen" and Licensed by "AnimEigo" and published by "Shogakukan" and aired on "Fuji TV". Please "SUPPORT THE OFFICAL RELEASE" ... Please Subscribe to my Channel, for more Urusei Yatsura HD Releases.

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