Thermal Driver For Mac OS X: Installing a printer

2018-06-20 10:40
This video shows how easy it is to install a Thermal Printer on Mac OS X using Peninsula's Thermal Printer Driver. The driver is available from: In this video we go through the stages of installing a Zebra LP2844 using the Thermal Utility that comes with the driver and then printing a label from Pages. Here's some reasons to try us out. 1. Use reliable, professional printer software 2. Try out the software before you buy 3. Make sure the software makes barcodes accurately 4. Create multiple 'virtual' printers to support other shipping services 5. Print directly from the courier's website, straight to your thermal printer. 6. Print from any application. 7. Get full technical support, even setup help. 8. Supports Zebra, TSC, TEC, SATO, Honeywell, Citizen and many other popular thermal label printers. **Click Below for more information or to download demo software ======================================= Print Thermal Shipping Labels on Apple Mac OSX - With the Peninsula Thermal Driver: ======================================= Peninsula Group - Software that works

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