Ty Braswell - YouTubers, Their Power & the Value of TID

2018-06-18 08:13
We interviewed the amazing Ty Braswell and asked: "What are YouTubers and why are they powerful?" & "What is the value of an event like Tubecon Industry Day?" Ty Braswell is the Chief Revenue Officer for Branded Content at JASH Comedy Network. Tubecon Industry Day will be held at Helsinki on Friday August 12th Read more: http://industryday.tubecon.fi/ _________________________________ 2016 is a major year of change in the media and marketing industry and Tubecon Industry Day will take its attendees right into the core of it. Tubecon Industry Day is a comprehensive and extensive forum where the latest vision of video lives. Present will be the world's leading experts and influencers in marketing and using the power of video storytelling in building a brand on social media. Also present will be Finland’s most influential YouTubers those who really mean a lot to the Finnish youth. Tubecon Industry Day is organized for brands, media, production and marketing communications leadership. This previously sold out event’s program will be released soon. Make sure you don’t miss out by buying the tickets now! Find out more: http://industryday.tubecon.fi/ Contact: [email protected]

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