E-file a W-2c Correction Form with ExpressIRSForms

2018-06-20 10:44
http://www.expressirsforms.com/ Form W-2c is used to correct errors on a previously filed W-2 series form (such as a W-2, W-2AS, W-2CM, etc.). You can file a W-2c with the IRS and use it to provide corrected W-2 series forms to employees. Form W-2c can be filed by paper or electronically, and the best way to e-file is with ExpressIRSForms. You can e-file Form W-2c with ExpressIRSForms even if you originally filed through a different service provider. Correcting W-2c Form To correct an employee’s name and/or SSN, complete Form W-2c, boxes d through i only. To correct an incorrect tax year and/or EIN, file a W-2c Form for each affected employee and one W-3c Form to the IRS. If you need to prepare a correction for an employee who received more than one W-2 Form under the same EIN in a tax year, you can file a single W-2c to correct only the incorrect W-2 Form. To correct an employee’s address on a provided W-2 Form, do not file a W-2c Form with the IRS. Instead, send the employee a new W-2 Form marked with “REISSUED STATEMENT” or a W-2c Form with the correction. When to file Forms W-2c? File Form W-2c as soon as possible after you discover an error to avoid incurring any penalties from the IRS. Be sure to also provide Form W-2c to your employees as soon as possible after noticing an error. Where to file Forms W-2c ? Form W-2c can be e-filed or paper filed. To paper file, send your W-2c forms to: Social Security Administration Data Operations Center P.O. Box 3333 Wilkes-Barre, PA 18767-3333 If you use a carrier other than USPS, send W-2c forms to: Social Security Administration Data Operations Center Attn: W-2c Process 1150 E. Mountain Drive Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702-7997

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