Phrasal Verb Lesson - Shake Off

2018-06-24 15:25
A short explanation of the phrasal verb "shake off". Music:"Nevada City" by Huma-huma. Royalty-free music downloaded from the Youtube Audio Library. Useful Phrasal Verb Books: Easy Phrasal Verbs - Ultimate Phrasal Verb Book - Oxford Phrasal Verbs Dictionary - Top 50 English phrasal Verbs - Video Transcript: to shake off means to remove something from ourselves by shaking our bodies if you go to the beach and after a short swim you come out and step on the sand you might find the sand sticks to your body if this happens you have to shake it off or if some people are saying things about you that you don't like and this negative energy is sticking to you the you just have to shake it off you might say I don't care what people say I'm just going to shake off all that criticism in other words you're saying this criticism is not important it may stick to you for a moment but it is easy to get rid of it here I'm leaning on a big pier and on this pier lots of little shells are sticking to it unfortunately this pier is not agiile enough to shake itself so there is no way that it can shake off these shells

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