Magix Movie Edit Pro 2017 PLUS Tutorial for the Beginner (All steps to make YouTube videos)

2018-06-24 15:22
Magix Movie Edit Pro 2017 PLUS (PLUS version is better) Tutorial for the Beginner includes complete steps for making YouTube movies, including thumbnails. *** SEE NEW INDEX / Blog of all Dave Merc's MEP Tutorials! Buy MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2017 Plus, Amazon Buy MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium, Amazon Here is video that was produced during this tutorial: How to Sail the Sanibel RC Sailboat Magix Movie Edit Pro 2015 Plus Tutorial available here: Jump Points: ------------------ How to make YouTube Movies with Magix MEP+ 00:00 Naming and Saving Project 01:56 Open Saved Project 02:40 Editor Modes In Arranger 03:09 Adding Video Clips To Timeline 03:39 Using Menu Functions 05:24 Making Cuts and Deleting 10:24 J, K, L keys used to jog marker 14:16 Adding an Intro 22:45 Downloading Extra Content 24:24 Adding an Intro 25:10 Fades or Transitions 27:57 Adding an Outro to end 30:55 Adjusting Audio Volume 32:45 Adding Titles or Text 35:15 Duplicate Titles or objects 37:16 Making a Thumbnail for YouTube with Magix 38:43 Export A single frame as JPEG 45:49 Adjusting Brightness, Saturation, Gamma, Color 47:07 Exporting Video as MPEG-4 48:26 Upload Movie to YouTube 50:40 Upload Thumbnail to YouTube 51:47 Filling in Movie Title, Description and Tags 52:15 Photoshop a Logo or Tab on Thumbnail 54:43 Publish to YouTube and SEO tips 56:44 Closing Comments 57:39 ----------------------------------- Difference between MEP Pro, Pro Plus, and Premium Also see: The new Magix Movie Edit Pro 2013 Tutorial for the Beginner with Q & A Magix Movie Edit Pro 2013 Tutorial for Movement Effects Pan Zoom Rotation Size Position Magix Movie Edit Pro 2013 Making Stereo 3d Movies for YouTube or WWW Tutorial Magix Movie Edit Pro 2013 How to Convert a 4:3 Movie into a 16:9 with no black borders. Exporting Movie as MP4 for YouTube: This video on Magix Movie Edit Pro 2017 or Magix MEP 2017 is a tutorial for beginners to learn how to use Magix Movie Edit Pro to make a complete movies or videos for YouTube. All the basic steps are included from Video Editing to uploading your video to YouTube. I also include how to make an intro, outro, titles, fades, and thumbnails. At the end I show how to publish your video on YouTube with attention to SEO, Tags and description. See the Jump Points to get you directly to the section you need to study.

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