Blur 3 players pc using keyboard

2018-06-24 15:19
Hello everyone This is my first video on YouTube. So please bear with my mistakes This is 100% working if u have any problems please let me know i will definitely reply and give you a solution Here are the steps 1.Download the file linked below and unrar them 2.Copy the contents of Blur(Tm) to your game folder 3.Disable driver signature enforcement 4.Install keytojoy application 5.Open vjoy from user task bar. Click on open ini and open Blurcomplete.ini click on OK 6.Open xinput which was copied to your game folder 7.Install the required files if asked 8.Open the game go to split screen and click + and o The controls are as follows i =accelerate k=brake j=left k=right '= change between power ups o= leave the power up ; + [ = fire the power up forward ; + ]= fire the power up backward \ =drift p =look back important files key to joy Blur file Save file

blur full game pc