Battlefield 1 VS Star Wars Battlefront 2 - Which one is BETTER?!

2018-06-24 15:23
Star Wars Battlefront 2 vs Battlefield1. Which game has better graphics? Which one has better gameplay? Today we're taking a look at Battlefield 1 and new Star Wars Battlefront 2 both designed by DICE and distributed by Electronic Arts. We're comparing them and seeing if Star Wars Battlefront II managed to beat Battlefield 1, or maybe it is the other way around? ►CONNECT WITH ME: •Twitter: •Twitch: ►MY PLAYLISTS: •Battlefield 1 Game Discussions: •Battlefield 1 Updates: •Battlefield 1 Gun Reviews: •Battlefield 1 Tips & Tricks: ►Outro music by Tobu: •Tobu - Nostalgia • • ►Battlefield 1 Game Discussions by Crafter is a series of videos focusing on the topics related to Battlefield 1 updates, game mechanics, new features or changes in the game. Videos are presenting my own opinion about the certain subject as well as information from other reliable sources. ►Crafter - Battlefield 1 player sticking with the series since 2012 (Battlefield 3), going by the ingame name "Crrafty". Started creating videos in January 2017 and since then, trying to get to as many people as possible to show them his perspective and opinions on the Battlefield series.

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