18 : How to Drive a Stepper Motor | BRiCS AVR TUTORIAL

2018-06-20 10:31
MAIZIK Board Feature • In-build USBASP • On-board DTMF decoder • On-board RTC • On-board L293 motor driver • Board can be used as USBASP (fast/slow SCK) to program any other MCU • On-board slot for ESP8266 (ESP-01) • On-board slot for blue-tooth • Onboard slot for char-LCD-display • Rx-pin fully independent from USB • Program runs with USB power • Dual connector for each I/O pin • 200 video tutorial available on youtube.com/bricsworldvideo • Fully compatible with ARDUINO IDE • Work with AVRDUDE and compatible downloaders • Independent set of 8 LEDs • Available with (USBASP/BOOTHID) • Boot indicator LED on PC5 (pin-28) • Available with: Atmega8/168/328 • Single Library for all MCU function • 20-I/O PINs available • Tested with: HC-05/06, ESP-8266, DC-MOTOR, BLDC, LCD-disp, touchscreen, TSOP, SERVO-MOTOR, ISP, GSM, GPS, RFID, Graphical-display, 16X32 LED-display, accelerometer, temp-sensor, Ultrasonic-sensor, Gas sensor, gyro, pressure sensor, ESC, Wireless, Zigbee, X-bee, Relay, Mosfets, Triac, Optos and many more. About BRiCS BRiCS organizes World-Class Training Programs for engineers and students on Embedded Systems, Robotics, Smart Automation and Software development. The practical hands-on laboratory sessions and lectures are patterned on current industry trends and draw on the rich experience of instructors and organizers. We have trained more than 22500 students, faculty members and engineers including over 2000 students from different IITs. Our Vision To impart knowledge, encourage ideas, spread technology and make a difference... everywhere we engage. Our Mission To design and disseminate robotics, electronics and embedded system curriculum that motivate young minds to actively explore science and technology. To spread technology to our young generation students who can further make... a better future. Our Goal To transfer knowledge and hasten the learning process in the form of lectures and workshops. To enable students to imply their theoretical knowledge in practical engineering related activities. To nurture imagination and creativity so that new ideas could be expressed to world. To bring fun based elements in education. Summer Training Program BRiCS Conducts world class SUMMER TRAINING PROGRAM on latest technology in different cities like Delhi-NCR, Kanpur, Patna and Bangaluru.

avr stepper motor driver circuit