2018-06-18 08:17
Visit my website:- (under construction) In this video I am guiding you how to make your own LINETYPE and use it in your AutoCADd drawing. I started from scratch and ended with inserting text in linetype. Its not very complicated or tough to make a cutome linetype, It requires just basic understanding of values. Its my own concept and ways to use autocad so if you like it then please let me know in comment. And share it as much as possible. you can download the files from the link:- If you have any problem / questions or suggestion regarding this topic or other you can connect me through comments or mail me at:- [email protected] Please like, share and subscribe if you found this video helpful . Thank you. you will learn in this: autocad create linetype, autocad create linetype with text, autocad architecture linetype, autocad building linetype, autocad can't purge line type, autocad change linetype scale globally, autocad create linetype with letter, autocad custom linetype bad definition, autocad custom linetype text, autocad edit linetype text, autocad electrical linetype download, autocad gas linetype, autocad layer linetype scale, autocad linetype, autocad linetype add, autocad linetype bad definition, autocad linetype codes, autocad linetype control, autocad linetype creation with text, autocad linetype edit, autocad linetype editor, autocad linetype export, autocad linetype file, autocad linetype file location, autocad linetype free download, autocad linetype generation variable, autocad linetype guide, autocad linetype help, autocad linetype manager, autocad linetype modification, arrow in autocad linetype,

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