2018-06-20 10:42
Hey guys, what's up? I'm finally back with a HUGE AppNana Hack! This isn't a glitch, but a bot service that allows you to get up to 50m Nanas every single day! Hope you enjoy this one! * YOU MUST NOT USE VPN'S OR IT WILL NOT WORK (IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT IS, JUST IGNORE THIS) Link to the server file : Link to the hack site : Hi guys, Skidrew back again with a new AppNana hack! This one is a custom server exploit. The file that you download is our custom AppNana server made by cryZenX, me and my brother. The website is the activator of the temporary server. Okay, so now I will adress the people who think this is fake. My hacks are definitely not fake. Many people say that just because of surveys we are fake, well no, we have to have surveys. Because first of all, we invest tons of our time and money making these hacks, and it has to pay off, so we put surveys on. Second, surveys help avoid detection, because when less people use the AppNana hack (cause they don't know how to complete a survey) it has a lower chance of getting detected.

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