Overtime / Opening 1 (Let's Be Heroes) Flipnote 3D Read Desc.

2018-06-18 08:24
THIS AUDIO IS NOT MINE IT BELONGS TO THE CREATORS OF THE CARTOON NETWORK SHOW OK.KO.! I JUST THOUGHT THIS WOULD BE A COOL SONG TO ANIMATE audio:https://youtu.be/xWyHZQARrnM OOOOK overtime is a comic series me and my friends Samarion and Angel came up with in school. It's about us three (and Tye he's a new oc i developed back in March but he's not an official flipnote oc) and we just go on adventures and random stuff happens and we kill plenty of monsters on our journey. We all have some sort of power, i have Fire (lava, magma whatever) Sam is basically Sans, angel has psychic abilities, and tye has earth powers (rock,ground anything that has to do with stone) sooooo the comics only have 3 installments and im the illustrator for all of them, Sam helps me with the plot lines and Angel comes up with the monsters so we all work as a team for this whole thing. As soon as i get a drawing tablet im certainly gonna make this into a full series so stay tuned my dudes

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