Grow Tent Online - 1000W HPS // Grow Update with Lovevibez

2018-06-20 10:39
Cannabis Culture ✌ Entertainment ✌ Informative ✌ Toke Along with✌ ===================================================== Do you Resonate with Lovevibez?! - - Visit ===================================================== Sub - Share - Comment - Like - Keep Smiling! Stay Lifted n Gifted ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ☮ -=- ☮-=-☮ -=- ☮-=-☮ -=- ☮-=-☮ -=- ☮-=-☮ -=- ☮☮ -=- ☮-=-☮ Business Inquiries / Freelance Art commissions / Marketing : Inquiries - please contact me at [email protected] Cheers! New Grow Tent - Put it together, got it on amazon for 55 bones. 4x2x4 - solid grow tent. Just wanted to say thanks for all the support and love from all of you! I've already accomplished what I set out to do, and I continue to push the envelope as far as my own personal goals. I'm glad to hear from so many of you, how you were inspired.... that you laughed.... that you felt uplifted.... I am so grateful. Cheers. It's Sunday - I've been compacting every hour into chunks to be more productive and efficient. At this moment I'm working 7 days a week, so I seldom have down time. You could say I am working 4 jobs as I have 4 revenue incomes. Carpentry, Serving, Youtube (whoppn 8$ a month yeye!) and freelance art endeavors. Wish me luck to continue on! Window indoor gardening update. 1000 watt HPS light online. Should be having some fun in the next couple months. Stay tuned! -----------------------------------------------☮ ✌----------------------------------------------------- Colorado Grower - Rec/Med Toker - Midnight Stoner -----------------------------------------------☮ ✌----------------------------------------------------- Love Stream's hopefully on the Weekend - Tune in Live to chill with me and others. Will try to put out a video every week! Throw down some sick comments and lifted likes yo! Passion my fuel, well with some ganja :D cheefcheefen Love you all! Stay positive - everything is as it should be. Growth is always hard and challenging. Descent is easy, escaping is easy. Go hit up my website - Check that shit out. Have lots of stuff for new growers! Some insight into Nav-LV Passions are the catalyst to my animation. I adore many, like a child I have curiosity. I wish to continue to learn grow and blossom like a seedling into a resinous flower. I wish to spread my vibration(pollen) to many - share the passion, the love, the positivity! Join LV! - Do you resonate!? I believe it's possible if you are reading this. Divine synchronicity with the free will of quantum trajectory! :D ✌ If you dig some art - Support me - Twitter - Facebook - Facebook Fan Page - Instagram - Shoot me any questions - appreciate all the support

1000 watt grow tent setup